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Alfred University has traditional courses of study along with interdisciplinary programs offering the following degrees: Bachelor of Art; Bachelor of Fine Arts; Bachelor of Science; Master of Arts; Master of Business Administration; Master of Education; Master of Fine Arts; Master of Science; Doctorate of Philosophy; Doctorate of Psychology

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Summer Term
Alfred University Summer Terms offer a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses. Two six-week sessions, special short-term courses of 2, 3, or 4 weeks, on-line courses, internships and independent studies allow you to easily plan a schedule that fits your needs and interests. Learn More

Allen (Winter) Term
Allen Term refers to the weeks between the end of the Fall Semester and the beginning of the Spring Semester when students can take courses on-line. It is often reffered to as Winter Term at other colleges and universities. Allen Term courses are perfect for either catching up or springing ahead of the schedule. Learn More

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