First Year Students: Deferred Admission

Alfred University understands that some students may benefit by postponing your first year in college for up to two years. If you choose to defer enrollment, you should:

  • Follow the application procedures for regular admission, including payment of the enrollment deposit.
  • Notify the Office of Admissions by August 1 of their intention to delay entering the University.
  • Notify the Office of Admissions in writing at least three months before planning to enroll.

Your deposit will be automatically forfeited if you do not contact the Office of Admissions within the two-year deferment period.

If you choose to enroll at another academic institution, you will give up your place in the First Year class and your deposit will be forfeited. You may re-apply as a transfer student, and, if accepted, will have the previous deposit applied toward your first semester tuition charges. If you are not accepted as a transfer, you will forfeit the deposit.

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