Graduate Students: Requirements Off-Campus Programs

Applicants to Alfred University off-campus programs should contact the following individuals early in the application process:

Downstate applicants should contact Tim Werner: phone 516-221-4082.

Corning Extension applicants should contact Jay Cerio, Ph.D., Dean, External Programs, phone 607-871-2758 or email.

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An interview is required for the following graduate programs:

  • MPA in Public Administration
  • MSEd in Literacy
  • MSEd in Counseling
  • CAS in Mental Health Counseling
  • CAS in Gerontology - Administration & Management
  • CAS in Gerontology - Clinical Services

MSEd in Counseling, MPA, and CAS in Gerontology students may enroll once a year, during the summer term. MSEd in Literacy and CAS in Mental Health Counseling students may enroll in both the winter (January) and summer terms.

You are required to attend courses on Alfred University's campus for one week during the summer semester. You will receive specific information about Alfred University on-campus courses after matriculation.

You must provide official transcripts/mark sheets (in English) from each and every college or university previously attended, including proof that you hold the baccalaureate degree. These records must be sent directly from the college or university with appropriate certifications. Photocopies or facsimiles are not accepted.

If you are currently enrolled, you should submit a transcript (official academic record) of courses completed to date along with the application; as soon as coursework is completed a final transcript and degree certificate should be submitted. The records should show a complete list of courses taken, grades received, and any diplomas or certificates earned.

Alfred University Admissions reserves the right to require an independent evaluation of international transcripts. Students with international transcripts should contact the Admissions Office early in the application process.

  • MSEd in Literacy - applicants must hold current initial N.Y.S. teacher certification and submit official GRE scores.
  • MSEd in Counseling - applicants must submit a structured writing sample, administered at the interview.

Alfred University may accept six graduate credits for transfer into the literacy or counseling programs. If you are interested in transferring credits into the program you should submit a request, along with the official transcript and course descriptions at the time of application. The request will be reviewed by the Graduate Admission Committee and the Graduate Program Director. Course credentials and relevance apply.

Course Transfer Request Form

Applicants to the downstate programs are required to submit two letters of recommendation.

Format for letters
The name, title and contact information for each reference must be listed on the application form. Three methods of submission are acceptable for recommendations. You may choose one of the following options:

  1. A traditional letter may be submitted in a sealed envelope via mail, or electronically via email to provided it comes directly from the recommender’s professional email account. Photocopies, unsealed letters sent by you, or letters sent through your email address will not be accepted.
  2. A Reference Report, available online, may be printed, completed, signed, and submitted via mail, or scanned and emailed as above.
  3. A traditional letter of recommendation and the Reference Report may be submitted together either via mail or email.

*CAS in Mental Health Counseling applicants must have current and, if necessary, former supervisors fill out the Applicant Evaluation Form. The forms, complete with original signatures, must be sent by the supervisors directly to Graduate Admissions. Two evaluations are required.

You must submit a written statement describing career goals and reasons for the chosen field of graduate study. Outline topics of special interest and include relevant experience such as internships, co-ops, or other professional activities. You may choose to submit a professional resume.

All applicants must comply with New York State health and immunization requirements and submit health forms and records requested by the University.

View required health forms.

Alfred University cannot issue I-20 forms for non-resident applicants to our extension programs due to the part-time nature of these programs. Permanent residents of the United States are encouraged to apply and should contact the Graduate Admissions Office early in the application process. Documentation of residency status is required.

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