Enrollment Reply Card

You have decided that Alfred University is the school you will be attending. Awesome! Now to make it official, we will need you to fill out the enrollment reply card and make your deposit.

The enrollment reply card is your official confirmation that Alfred University is your first choice in schools. Please return your enrollment postcard to Alfred University by May 1, this is the small postcard that says “Yes!” at the top was mailed to you. After completing this step, you are almost officially a Saxon!

Along with the enrollment reply card, you will also need to secure your space as an incoming student by May 1. This is done by paying a $300 deposit which can be completed online, over the phone at 800-541-9229, or with a check that is made out to Alfred University (if sending a check, please do so along with the enrollment reply card we mentioned above).

Once these two steps have been completed by May 1, you are officially a part of the Alfred University Family; welcome to AU, we are very excited for you to start your journey!

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